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Mostly likely asked questions from previous students

With us, you have freedom to change your driving lesson time with your instructor

Based on their availability, the freedom of choosing is not always available

You can pay directly online or in person, or via transfer


Regular Questions

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You need to be at least the age of 17 to learn how to drive

We boast of an 100% pass rate

We do everything possible to equip teen drivers with the skills and experience they need to pass the program and their test. If, however, the new driver is unable to complete the courses or their drives in the allotted time or reach the required scores, they may be required to retake the course before they can attempt the driving tests.

The best instructors know how to relate to their students. They know how to make the material engaging and ensure their students understand the gravity of the situation and the responsibility of being a defensive driver. An instructor should have the experience to present the information in a way that students can easily consume and retain, and they should know how to make the student feels comfortable behind the wheel.

The student must spend a certain amount of time in class and behind the wheel. There is, of course, some leeway in the scheduling to ensure that every student has an opportunity to fit it into their busy lives. However, as mentioned earlier, if the student stretches their schedule out too long, they may be required to start again.


We believe that parents should be involved with the driving lessons from the very start and actively participate in the learning process. Parents can make great coaches and should be ready to help their kids get the practice they need. Sometimes, if you’re not sure how you can best coach your kids, though, be sure to give us a call and our instructors can give you some tips.

Students will need to complete all their classes and drives within 60 days from the start date. If this can’t be accomplished, the student may be required to start again. Successful completion of the course includes 25 hours of classroom instruction, at least 15 one-hour behind-the-wheel sessions, and at least 2 one-hour behind-the-wheel observation sessions.

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